5 Minutes to Calm

Meditation doesn’t require fancy exercise equipment or clothes and can be done anywhere we feel safe enough to close our eyes. To start a meditation practice, the practitioner must only be willing to get to know themselves better through sustained effort over a long period of time. (This is one of the definitions of the word, “Practice”.)

Self Led – Silent Meditation:

To begin, find a comfortable and quiet space to either sit or lie down. (Seated is preferred to avoid falling asleep!)

If it feels safe to do so, close your eyes and rest your hands anywhere that feels comfortable to you or brings you comfort. Alternatively, you can soften your gaze on a focal point or the floor.

Begin to notice your breath. At first, bringing our awareness to something often brings up questions like, “Am I doing this right? How long is this going to take? Did I get everything on my grocery list?) This is the normal functioning of our brain and it’s job is to keep busy in an effort to keep us alive! 

As you notice your brain wondering about, much like a toddler at play, gently encourage it’s attention back to your breath. Try saying to yourself, “thinking” when you catch your thoughts.

Do this once a day for five minutes at a time. If you can and want to do more, feel free to do so.

“I meditate so that my mind cannot complicate my life” – Sri Chinmoy

– Happy Practicing! 

Photo Credit: Jade Beall Photography

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