Itty bitty yoga space…..

I had the please of chatting with fellow yogi and POPSUGAR Contributor, Chandler Plante back in March of this year. Chandler, who is currently in collage, was inspired to write this article based on her personal struggles to keep up her home yoga practice while living in a dorm. 

When practitioners ask me this question, I like to encourage them to try starting a seated meditation practice because it doesn’t require fancy pants or props and can be done with the amount of space you have sitting in your car! 

Check out my input on her article for practicing yoga in tiny spaces, like dorm rooms, here! 


Doing yoga with little space can be tricky, but these yoga poses make it easier to enjoy the same grounding benefits of studio yoga without knocking anything down or accidentally starting a small fire in the process.”

Chandler Plante

POPSUGAR Contributor

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    But wanna admit that this is very helpful , Thanks for taking your time to write this. Cherri Tull Gabbey

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