Class Schedule

“When you feel the light of the Self within there is no concept of other. There is only the reality of oneness that shines forth.”

Pose: Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

Private Yoga Instruction

Practice in the comfort of your own home or my studio, one-on-one, with a schedule tailored to meet your needs.

Individual classes start at $60

4 Classes paid in full get a discounted rate of $200

(sliding scale options are available)


An hour of play and power—a fun, rockin’ flow class with alignment instructions. Beginners welcome. Please review our latest covid precautions  prior to your arrival. Please note there are no refunds. 24 hour email notice is required for a future class credit only. 


11am Tuesdays


Rooftop Yogahour

YogaOasis and Playground bring you Rooftop  Yogahour !

Grab a friend and a mat and join us in the heart of downtown for the best views in the city! 


10am Saturdays


Intro to Yoga

An ideal class for beginners and students with minor injuries or physical limitations. YogaOasis has a brand new streaming site where you can access my classes online.

Enjoy one day access or monthly memberships to their growing catalog of online classes.




Student Testimonials

Mattea Tampio
Tucson, AZ

“Johnna’s instruction offered me invaluable insights with regard to alignment and breathing technique. Her centered, focused, but also light hearted and friendly teaching style creates an atmosphere where I feel warmly accepted and relaxed enough to really learn and absorb. Thank you Johnna, for being a gentle, kind soul, and offering me such precious experiences in your class.”

Joseph Spenner
Tucson, AZ

“I started with yoga a little over 2 years ago, and was fortunate enough to have Johnna as my Yoga Hour instructor.  Every week, it seems I am learning something new.  Her approach on keeping people of all yoga levels engaged is amazing, and I never leave disappointed.  Along with the yoga class, she provides such an wonderful insight on things and ways to think about everyday life.  I always leave the class with much more than I arrived with, and it keeps me going until the following week.  My health and general attitude on life has significantly changed for the better. Thank you so much Johnna!”

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